Seek God with All Your Heart!

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

Seeking God in His creation.

When I was a kid we used to play Hide and Seek. We’d go out at dusk on a warm summer day because it was harder to find people in the semi darkness and a little scarier, too. The “seeker” would count to 100 and give everyone else time to find the perfect hiding place. Then the seeking began! Have you played it before? Ask your parents if they have and listen to their Hide and Seek stories.

Seek means “to go after, chase down, search for, ask, or consult.” In our verse for today God is telling His people, and us, to seek Him, to search for Him. God promises everyone that if we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him. Wow, what an awesome promise! But how can we seek God? He is spirit. We can seek, go after, chase down, and search for God in different ways and in different places. Let’s explore.

Seeking God!

When I wake up and the sun is rising and the air is warming,

I can feel God smiling, shining His light, my day transforming.

When I see a flower’s beauty and its perfection of design,

I can see God the Creator and all of life entwined.

When I play with my friends and we laugh till we cry,

I can hear God’s laughter and feel love from on high.

When I read my Bible and His words speak just to me,

I can know that God is with me and that’s the key.

This week, seek God. Find God in His creation. Find God in your family and friends. Find God in you, as you seek Him with all your heart! Draw a picture of where you found God and share it with others.

For those of you who like bugs better than flowers: substitute this part.

When I see a unique bug and its magnificent design,

I can see God the Creator and all of life entwined.

Blessings and joy as you seek God!

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