All the Earth Praises the Lord!

“My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.” Psalms 145:21 NIV

“All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing the praises of your name.” Psalms 66:4 NIV

One of the ice storms we had. Even the beauty of the ice on the trees and the low clouds praise the Lord.

Praise means great approval or admiration, thankful honor and respect given in words or songs and sometimes actions. Our praises for the Lord come from us realizing all the wonderful things that God has done. He created the earth and all that is in it; sky and seas, prairies and mountains, plants and animals, and you and me. All of it.

Many of the Psalms in the Bible are songs of praise written for the Lord (like the verses above). You and I can praise God with songs or words, with prayers or poems. But we can also praise God with our actions, joyful laughter and bent-knee prayers, hands raised to God and a happy dance. Think about how you could praise the Lord.

All the Earth Praises the Lord

The sunlit sky declares the beginning of days.

The earth brightens and all offer their praise.

The breezes softly sing, the treetops swing.

The grasses bow down, the daisy’s golden crown.

The dog’s wagging tail, the fox’s night-time wail.

The kitten’s gentle mew, the chicks in a queue.

The lion’s thunder roar, the eagle’s gliding soar.

The whippoorwill’s song, the elephant so strong.

The silence of the snail, the water song of the whale.

The reflection of the moon, the nightingale’s tune.

The laughter of the child, playing free and wild.

The joy of our days spent in heart-felt praise.

This week draw a picture of your favorite way to praise the Lord. Maybe your parents can help you with some ideas. Hang your picture up somewhere to remind everyone in your family to take some time each day to praise the Lord for all He has done for you and your family.

Blessings and praises!

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