Come Explore God’s Creation

“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows his handiwork.” Psalms 19:1

Pastel Sunrise


I invite you to come with me today as we explore the wonders of the created world and find God in all that He has made. We’ll start our “creation walk” with a beautiful pastel sunrise!

Next we walk to the garden. Where food providing plants grow according to God’s plan with sunshine and rain. This year we have apples on our apple tree (that the deer haven’t eaten, yet). Can’t wait to taste one!

I love to look at the variety of trees and leaves. A Red Mulberry set amid the ferns, an Umbrella Magnolia with the seed pod forming. A Rhododendron ready to bloom. Sassafras with its multi-shaped leaves and a Maple with reddish new growth. God is in every unique design.

The array of animals in God’s creation is amazing. I love to see all the diversity. A butterfly enjoying a clover bloom. A young box turtle making his way across our drive to the creek. And a small insect taking a rest on a wildflower. I like to imagine that God has picked the first petal…”He loves me”!


A beautiful warm day with white puffy clouds. Providing sun and shade as we continue our walk.

Small wildflowers cover a field and pop up in the middle of dirt. A bush on the steep side of a hill is in bloom and even the mosses put out their spores. God’s cycle of life continues.

After we get a rain, the mushrooms and toadstools emerge. I love to see the variety and the colors. Although I admit that I don’t know the edible from the inedible, so I leave them all alone!

Wild blueberries (very small, but sweet!) and blackberries are ripening. God provides food for us to gather. Unless Traveler eats them all first. She is a blueberry hound!

We live in a very rocky place. But even the rocks are fascinating and colorful. The last picture is a pile of rocks placed around a tree near the flatter land of a creek bed. I love to imagine the family long ago clearing the land to plant a crop. The larger rocks are near the center and the smaller (child carried) rocks are on top and around the edges. We see lots of these piles!

One thing in a forest (that I didn’t realize) is there is a lot of “dead fall”. But even the dead trees are returned to the earth as the fungus lives and consumes the tree. God’s design for the earth and all its components is mind boggling!

This is a deer print and a bear print! I didn’t get to see either (thankful not to have seen the bear!) But, just like animal prints in the mud, God’s imprint is on all of the earth and seas and sky. We only have to observe the work of His hands to find Him!

This week, take a “creation walk” and  find God in even a small portion of His wonderful, amazing, varied, and beautiful world!

I thank God for each of you! And I thank you for joining me this week as we explored my small portion of God’s fabulous creation.

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