Let’s Go on a Creation Walk!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows his handiwork.” Psalms 19:1

Pastel Sunrise

God has created every part of our natural world. The sun, the moon, the sky, the earth, the plants, the animals and even us; all were created by God! Come on a “creation walk” with me today and let’s see if we can find God. We are going to start by enjoying a beautiful sunrise that God has provided for us!

Pups Ready

Traveler and RE have had their morning swim at the pond and are ready to join us on our creation walk. They love to walk in the woods!

God has created so many different plants! The Umbrella Magnolia has leaves bigger than your  foot. And the Sassafras has thee different kinds of leaves on one plant. Rhododendrons love the water and are all along the creek. A Red Mulberry is peeking out from the ferns and the new leaves on a Maple tree are red.


God has created lots of different rocks, too; all colors and shapes. This pile of rocks is on a hill next to the flat area by the creek. Long ago people lived here and cleared the flatter parts to plant crops. The rocks had to be taken out of the field. Everyone helped, just like at your house with chores, the smaller rocks were carried and piled up by the children.

God also created so many amazing animals! A young box turtle is crossing our driveway to go to the creek. His shell is still small and he can’t pull all the way in yet. A butterfly is eating breakfast on a clover flower. You have to look closely, but a small insect is resting on a flower petal. What is your favorite animal that God has created?

I love after it rains to walk and see all of the toadstools that have popped up! So many colors and shapes and sizes. God is in each unique design.

God also has created plants for food. We plant tomatoes, snap peas, cucumbers (for pickles), corn, peppers, potatoes, watermelon, okra and lettuces. We also have some apple trees with small apples. Can’t wait to eat one!

God also provides food that we can just pick without planting. We have lots of wild blueberries and blackberries. They are small but sweet. Hopefully Traveler won’t eat them all before we get some!

Wildflowers in a field and other plants with white flowers blooming. God has designed many plants to bloom and produce seeds or fruits with seeds (like and apple). The seeds then can grow a new plant. God has planned the cycle of life for the earth’s plants.

Moss Seeded 2


Some plants, like this moss, don’t make seeds, they make spores. The little orange cups on the stems hold tiny spores that will be blown by the wind and settle in a spot so a new moss can grow. Wow! God’s world is awesome!


In a forest, trees die and fall to the ground. But God’s plan is even seen in the “dead fall”. The fungus on these trees (and it is still unique and colorful) lives and consumes the tree and returns it back to the earth.

Tupelo Tree

God not only provides us with food, but He feeds all the animals, too. This is a Black Tupelo tree; it has shiny green leaves and in the fall, purple berries. The deer love it! That’s why it looks like it has been trimmed to the same height all around. The deer eat the tender, new leaves and the fruits when they appear. We just call it the “deer tree”.

Bear Print 3Deer Print

The top one is picture of a black bear print. You can see where his claws scratched the dirt. The second one is a deer hoof print. I didn’t see either animal, but the prints they left showed me that they were there! Just like these imprints in the mud, God’s “prints” are all over the wonderful world He has created. You can see God in the sun and moon and white clouds in a blue sky. You can see God in the earth and seas and all the plants and creatures He has made.

IMG_0217 (2)

Two of my favorite creatures say thanks for joining us today on our creation walk!

This week go on your own “creation walk” and see if you can see God’s imprints on His beautiful world. Take a picture or draw one of where you found God’s “prints”.

Afterwards, ask your parents to post your picture as a reply to this blog so that everyone can find God in His magnificent world.



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