Happy New Year With Jesus!

Lord, bring us back to yourself, so we may return; renew our days as in former times. Lamentations 5:21 CSB

He renews my life; he leads me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Psalms 23:3 CSB

A beautiful sunrise begins the day. Let’s begin this new year with Jesus.

Happy New Year! It is the beginning of a brand new year, 2023. One of the traditions when we start a new year is to think about something that we can do, starting now, that can make our lives better. It is called a New Year’s resolution. Talk with your parents about some of their New Year’s resolutions over the years. Maybe you will decide you want to work harder at school, or learn to play a sport, or try a new hobby, or be nicer to others.

But first, for this new year I want to encourage you to make your first resolution to take the Lord with you into your new year. Invite Jesus to walk with you through all that you want to do this year. Jesus always helps to make our lives better. He can renew us. He can give us strength to handle the hard things. He can be close to us and guide us. Jesus is the best new year’s resolution for all of us!

This week talk with your parents and family and decide to make Jesus your companion for a Happy New Year in 2023. If you take Jesus with you to school, will you act differently, will you be better? Think about each thing you may do this year. How will knowing that Jesus is with you change your life? How will inviting Jesus to go with you make your life and the lives of others better? Let Jesus renew you and make your life better.

Blessings and a Happy New Year With Jesus!

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