Our God Cares for Us

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. He counts the number of the stars; he gives names to all of them. Our Lord is great, vast in power; his understanding is infinite. Psalms 147:3-5 CSB

A clear starry night. God counts and knows every star by name just as He knows you by name.

God created everything! And our God is infinite, which means He has no limits. There is nothing He can not do. God created all the stars. He counts them and names every single one. You, and all people, are created by God, in His image. And just as he knows the stars, He knows and cares for you.

Our verse today tells us that God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. When something very sad happens to us, we say that our heart is broken. Have you ever felt brokenhearted? Things that might make you feel brokenhearted are: maybe your parents got a divorce or someone you love died or someone you love left you.

God knows you by name; He loves you and cares for you. When you are sad God is sad with you. God understands how you feel.

My grandmother gave me my first Bible and took me to church with her. My grandmother made sure that I knew the Good News about Jesus. When she died, I felt brokenhearted. I was sad and I missed her. But I told God how sad I was and how my heart felt broken. And God, over time, healed my broken heart. He helped me remember all the good things about my grandmother and reminded me that she was in heaven with Him.

Sometimes when we are hurt or broken hearted, we feel alone. But I want you to remember that God knows you by name. God knows you and loves you and has compassion on you. God is with you to heal your broken heart. He puts a bandage on your wound and holds you close. God cares for you.

This week, talk to your parents, when have you been broken hearted? How did God help you to heal? Ask you parents to share how God has healed their broken hearts and bandaged their wounds. Bring your sadness and broken heart to God and He will be with you and will heal your broken heart.

Blessings and joy as God heals your broken heart!

Fun Facts:

Did you know that there are about 100 thousand stars in the Milky Way? Our sun is just one of them. And God knows each one by name!

Did you know that there are about 8 billion people living with you on Planet Earth? And our God knows each one by name!

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