Don’t Give Up!

Let us not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9 CSB

A huge field full of wheat ready to be cut and reaped. If we don’t give up doing good we will reap the rewards from God.

Paul wrote our verse for this week to the church he started in Galatia. He is giving them, and us, some great advice and encouraging all of us to not give up. Did you ever want to give up on something because it was too hard? Or because you didn’t think things would work out the way you wanted them to? We all have.

Let’s talk about the word reap for just a minute. It’s an older word that means to “cut and gather crops” or to receive a benefit as a result of your actions. As an example, you invite your friend to come to church with you every week for two months and he doesn’t come. So, you think I’m going to quit inviting him, he’s never going to come. But then you remember this verse and you don’t give up. Finally, after 4 months, your friend comes to church with you and loves it! That is reaping the benefit of not giving up.

I write, not only this blog, but also stories for kids. I have stories about God’s amazing creation, Jesus’ birthday, how to get along with others, Bible characters like Noah and Deborah, and lots more. I love to write. I have been trying to get my stories published. That means made into a book that kids can read. But after 5 years, still no book. I was thinking of giving up.

But when I read this verse from Galatians this week in my Bible, I was encouraged. It was like Paul was talking just to me. So, I will not give up. I will keep on trying to get one of my stories published. And when I do “reap” a book for not giving up, all of you will be the first to know!

This week, talk to your parents. Maybe they can tell you about a time that they didn’t give up and it worked out well and they reaped a benefit. Talk about something good that you might be considering quitting and how to not give up. What might you reap?

A note:  there are somethings that are not healthy or are harmful for us to do and that we do need to quit. Paul’s verse is talking about the good things we do for others. Don’t give up doing good things for God and for others and you will reap in time.

Blessings as you don’t give up doing good!

Fun Fact:  Galatia was a large area in the central highlands (mountains) of what is now the present day country of Turkey. Can you find it on a world map?

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