God’s Word Is Forever

“LORD, your word is forever; it is firmly fixed in heaven. Your faithfulness is for all generations; you established the earth, and it stands firm.” Psalms 119:89-90 CSB

An unusual cloudy sunset, the clouds and even the earth have lavender tone. The beauty of the “heavens.”

God’s Word, our Bible, “is forever,” “firmly fixed in heaven.” God’s words, spoken to men, women, and prophets and recorded will always stand. I know there are different “versions” and translations, and sometimes we seem to get hung up on specifics, but God’s words for us are words that give life and love, as well as His grace and promises.

“How sweet your word is to my taste – sweeter than honey in my mouth.” Psalms 119:103 CSB

I have to admit that I love to read God’s word in the morning and start my day off right. I write down verses that speak to my heart and I share those here on my blog. However, I will also admit that as much as I read, I am not good at remembering or sometimes even finding a particular verse. I remember the story or parts of the passage but don’t know the book, chapter, and verse. I am always amazed with our preacher who can seem to recall hundreds of verses from memory!

And I know that Jesus quoted many verses from the Old Testament when speaking, including when He was tempted in the wilderness, in the sermon on the mount, and when speaking to the Pharisees. Just a few of many.

So, I invite you to join me as I begin to memorize, not just verses that I love, but the book, chapter, and verse number. I want God’s forever words to be forever in my heart. And I want to be able to share His grace, love, forgiveness, promises and salvation with others. I am older, so I am going to start small with three to memorize for this week.

I think the only ones I know now are John 3:16 and the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 (but I had to look up the chapter and verses for this one!) There are some others I can quote but can’t give the reference information (book, chapter, verse number). Sad isn’t it.

This week, join me in my quest as we put God’s forever words into our minds and hearts. So that we may pass His words on to “all generations” and share the “sweetness” of God’s words with others. What verses are going to be first on your list?

I thank God for each of you! And I thank you for joining me this week as we strive to keep God’s forever words in our minds and in our hearts.

Blessings and joy in God’s Word forever!

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