Where Is God When We Cry?

“You yourself have recorded my wanderings [misery]. Put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?” Psalms 56:8 CSB

Some older bottles we’ve found as we hiked around the property. I can only imagine how beautiful a bottle God uses to catch our tears.

Do you ever feel like crying? Believe it or not everyone does, even moms and dads. When I was a kid, I used to climb up into our willow tree where no one could see me and cry. I always just wanted to be alone. But even in that treetop, I was not alone because God was there with me just like our verse says.

Our verse was written by David. He had been captured by the Philistines. He is speaking to God about all the bad things that are happening. And then our verse. He says that God has recorded all of David’s wanderings, his life, his troubles, his miseries.

Then David gives us a picture of how God cares for us when we cry. God puts our tears in His bottle. He is so close to us that He can catch our tears as they fall. He knows our heartache. He knows our hurts and He is hugging us close to Him.

God Is There

In my fears at night…God is there.

In my hurt feelings…God is there.

In my pain of injury…God is there.

In my anger…God is there.

In my sadness…God is there.

In my tears…God is there.

In all my life…God is there.

God is there…catching your tears, holding you close, comforting you, and loving you always.

So, can you answer our title question for us? Where is God when we are crying? You’re right, God is there with us, beside us, holding us near.

This week, talk with your parents, can you remember a time when you were hurt and crying? Did your mom or dad hold you close and wipe your tears? Know that God was also right there with you, too, catching your tears and recording your life moment in His book. It’s comforting to think that even if your parents aren’t with you sometimes when you’re sad, God always will be.

Blessings knowing that God is there with you always!

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