Arise and Shine!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1 NIV

As the sun rises and shines each morning, we can also “arise and shine” the love of Jesus to others.

When your parents wake you up in the morning, do they ever say, “rise and shine?” My parents did. I think my dad heard it when he was in the Navy. But I wonder if this verse is where the saying first came from? I like to think so.

This verse was written a long time before Jesus was even born, but it tells of His coming. Jesus is God’s “light” that has come into the world. Jesus is the glory of God. And just like Isaiah, He invites us to arise and shine His light to others.

Arise and Shine!

As you wake up each morning, start your day off right.

Say a quick prayer to Jesus, that you can shine His light.

Arise from your bed, with a smile on your face.

And as you greet others, see how many frowns you can erase.

As you go through your day, let Jesus’ love and grace shine.

So everyone around you, can see, Jesus, God’s glory divine.

This week, talk to your parents, decide ways you can shine the light of Jesus for others to see. Each day when you arise, start with a prayer and a smile, and shine the light for someone each day. (Don’t forget to shine for your family first!) See if you can do it for a whole week, seven days. Soon it will become a wonderful habit.

Blessings and arise and shine!

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