The Path of God’s Will

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” Psalms 143:10 NIV

A rocky, steep trail in the woods, not an easy path to climb.

Which is easier, walking a path in a local park that is level (flat), or walking up a steep hill? Which would you choose? Yeah, I think I would choose the easy path, the level ground.

In our verse for today, David prays to God to help him out of his troubles, to lead him “ on level ground”. David is being chased by King Saul. He is tired of running and wants God to lead him to an easier path, a better way, where he can be safe and comfortable.

There is a state park near me called Hanging Rock. It is a small mountain near the piedmont of North Carolina. It has beautiful waterfalls and rock faces. It has some wonderful hiking trails that have great views. But to get to the most awesome views, the path is all uphill, not an easy path. But when you get to the top, WOW!

Sometimes God leads us on an easy path, like going to Sunday school and having fun with your friends. It’s great and we know that it is God’s will for us to learn about Him and Jesus. We are on level ground, our easy path. But sometimes God wants us to take a path that is harder for us to walk.

I love to write this blog each week and I know I am following God’s will. This is my easy path. But sometimes I feel that God is asking me to speak to people face to face about Him and my faith. This is my uphill path, my harder path. I tell God I’m not sure what to say or I’m too shy or ask myself, what will they think about me? I have to ask God for His strength and His words to follow His will on my harder path. And you know what? God helps me and walks with me.

This week thank God for the easy paths where you can follow His will for you. Then think about what God might want you to do that is your harder path. Talk to your parents. Maybe they can share their harder path, too. Try to start walking your harder path as you follow God’s will. Don’t forget to ask for God’s help as you travel your harder path. God will be with you always!

Blessings as you follow God’s will on the easy and the hard paths!


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