Grow in God’s Word!

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.” Deuteronomy 32:2 NIV

Just like garden plants grow bigger with rain and dew, we need God’s words and teachings to grow.

I love the picture that this verse creates. Moses has written down all of God’s words and teachings for the people to follow. Moses describes God’s words as the rain or dew that falls on new grass and young plants.

In a garden the plants are nourished by the rain and the dew and grow strong and produce food. We are like the new grass and tender plants. And God’s words help us to grow and strengthen and live fruitful lives.

Do you see the small chestnut oak trees coming up through the dead leaves on the forest floor?

Picture yourself as a small tree, just coming up out of the ground, an oak seedling. Your Sunday School teacher encourages you with how Noah obeyed God and built the ark to save all the animals and you grow taller and have many more leaves.

Your parents discuss with you a story from the Bible, of the boy David and Goliath, the giant. You hear how God helped young David defeat Goliath and you grow bigger and stronger.

You read about God’s plan to save the world through the birth of Jesus. You believe that Jesus died for each of us and arose to defeat death for all of us. You grow greater and wise and full of joy.

Every time you hear or read God’s word you grow until you are a mighty oak! Now you have lots of acorns or seeds (your fruit) that fall to the ground as the weather gets colder. Your acorns now feed others and help them to grow in God’s word.

This week get a piece of paper and fold it in four parts, in half and then in half again. Your parents can help you. In each section, at the top, write a favorite Bible verse. In each section under the verse draw yourself growing in God’s word. You can be you, a person, or you can draw yourself as a plant or tree. Have fun growing in God’s word!

Blessings and growth, strength and wisdom, and love!

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