Make Room for Jesus

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV

Room for Jesus

December is here. Which means that Christmas is coming in just a few weeks! We celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day. Christmas is really all about Jesus Christ, God’s Son, coming to earth as a baby to save us. Do you see the word Christ in Christmas?

When our kids were little, we all decorated our house for Christmas. We put up a sweet-smelling pine tree with lots of ornaments, and we always put an angel on top to remind us how the angels came to tell the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. (Some people put a star on top to remind us of the star the wise men followed to find Jesus.) We brought out our wooden nativity set and put it on the hearth. It had Mary and Joseph, a shepherd, wise men, some animals from the stable, a star, and of course the baby Jesus.

But one of our favorite decorations was one that we made ourselves each year. At the beginning of December, we would search the woods behind our house and gather branches and sticks. We would cut them to the same length and then tie them together with leather laces to make a manger for baby Jesus. We placed the manger under our tree to remind us that the greatest gift we will ever get at Christmas is Jesus. We made room for Jesus in our home and in our hearts.


Christmas Joy!

Jesus was born long ago on the first Christmas night.

To bring to the world God’s perfect love and light.

Born in a stable because there was no room at the inn.

The donkey brays and sheep bleats added to the din.


The angels sang to shepherds about peace on earth.

They rejoiced, saw their Savior, spread news of His birth.

We still celebrate Christmas, God’s plan, and Jesus’ part.

Making room for Jesus in our homes and in our hearts.


This week help your parents decorate for Christmas. What decorations do you help your parents put up for Christmas? How do they help to remind your family about Jesus? You can make your own manger (it can be made from a box or drawn on paper). Maybe you can make a star or an angel for your tree. Or you can even draw the nativity scene to hang up. Pick something to remind you and your family of Jesus this Christmas.

Blessings as you make room in your heart for Jesus!

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