All of the Earth Praises God

“Sing, O heavens! Be joyful, O earth! And break out in singing, O mountains! For the Lord has comforted His people, And will have mercy on His afflicted.”   Isaiah 49:13

Hanging Rock2

When I read the verse above from Isaiah, I can see all kinds of images (pictures) in my imagination. What do you “see” when you hear the verse? Mountains with open mouths? The sky with musical notes floating upward? Or the whole earth full of people singing? There is no right or wrong answer! We all see different things because we are all different. But God has been kind to all of us. Our creator is wonderful, and we praise Him (tell Him how awesome He is).

We can sing or dance or make music or shout. The earth, God’s creation, and all of its people can praise God.


The Earth and I Praise God

The sun rises in the sky and sings with warmth and light,   IMG_2471

As I dance in and out of shadows and praise God for His light!


Huge white clouds swirl across the bright, blue sky,

As I lift my hands and praise God for all the creatures that fly!


The tall oaks sway and hum in the breeze,   IMG_2502

As I drum on the trunks and praise God for all earth’s trees!


The mountains shout for joy at the height of the world,   Blog Post 6

As I laugh and sing and praise God for all of His creation unfurled!


IMG_2529The gray-green ocean waves chant, rushing in and out,

As I jump and twirl and praise God for His love without a



This week draw a picture, on one half of a page, of one of the images you see in your mind when you read the verse from Isaiah. Then, on the other half of the page, draw a picture of a way you can praise God.

Afterwards ask your parents to share your pictures by email or Facebook messenger so that everyone can see how the earth and all of us can praise God.

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