Mornings With God

“My voice you shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.” Psalms 5:3

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As God’s creations, we all have the wonderful privilege of spending time with God. We can praise him for His love, share our thoughts, pray for others and ourselves, and thank Him for all our blessings. We can also be comforted, feel loved, be renewed and receive healing. God wants us to come to Him for all our concerns and needs.

I like to spend the first part of my mornings with God. I do my daily Bible reading and talk with God about my thoughts and ideas. I have a cup of coffee with God (Thank You, God, for the coffee!). I think about all the ways He has touched my life and thank God for His care and lovingkindness. I think about my day and ask for God’s help. I think about my friends and family and ask God for healing and protection. But I have to admit that I’m a “morning person”. I love the slowly brightening sky and the birds beginning to sing. Traveler and R.E. love mornings, too, as they seem to be the first ones up to greet the morning!

But not everyone is a morning person. Some people are not their best until much later in the day. Everyone is different. God knows that; He knows us better than anyone. I don’t think He really cares what time of the day (or night) we choose to spend time with Him. The important thing is that we make the effort and find the time sometime during the day.

Our days are filled, with chores, appointments, schedules for the kids, places to be, things to do. We are busy! But what, or should I say who, can help us the most to get through all that chaos? It’s God. So, let’s all try to find some time this week to just spend time with God. You don’t have to pray the whole time or have a plan or a list or a schedule when you meet with God. Read His word. Bask in his love. Take a few deep breaths and relax in His presence. As your thoughts tumble through your mind, seek His will for your day. Things seem clearer when I spend time with God in the mornings.

I have to admit, that at times my focus wanders. And my thoughts drift away to other things. We are, after all, just human. But I can call to Him again and there He is with me and on my mind again. There seems to be a special peace that only comes after I spend time with God.

This week try to find your time to spend with God. It might be early morning, or after the kids are off to school, or at your lunch hour, or in the quiet of evening after a long day, or just sometime in the privacy of your room. God is waiting to greet us all when we find the time to come to Him.

I thank God for each of you! And I thank you for joining me this week to talk about mornings (or any time) with God.

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