Good Morning, God!

“My voice you shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.” Psalms 5:3

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Early morning clouds settling in the valleys.

You’ve probably heard people praying, which is talking to God. Your parents might say a prayer before you eat a meal or go to bed. Your preacher or minister at church might say a prayer before the service starts. But adults aren’t the only ones who can talk to God, everyone can!

God wants all of us to spend time with Him. We can read His Bible, we can tell God what we think about, we can share our questions, we can tell God our feelings. God knows us already and wants us to talk to Him. But we don’t even have to speak out loud, God can hear us when we just think it in our heads. Our God is pretty amazing and awesome!

The verse above was written by David. Remember David from last week who was transformed by God into the King of Israel? David is telling God that every morning he will direct his voice to God and look to God for help. David spent time with God in the mornings. And the wonderful thing is you can, too!


Good Morning, God!

Penny rolled out of bed and stretched and frowned.

She started to worry as she looked around.

A new book bag and tennis shoes and a denim dress.

A new school, no friends, new teacher, what a mess.


Penny bowed her head as her Daddy prayed.

He thanked God for the breakfast Mom had made.

He asked God to help Penny through her first day,

And keep them all safe as they each went their way.


Penny waited in the driveway for the bus to come.

And worried and fretted and chewed at her thumb.

Then, Penny thought, maybe Dad had it right.

She would just talk to God about her school fright.


“Good morning, God, it’s Penny.

This is my first day at a new school,

And I am scared, I don’t know anyone!

Can you help me find a friend today?”


Just then the bus appeared, too soon it seemed,

And Penny climbed up as the bus driver beamed,

“Good morning, young lady, would you please sit here?

Susie is new to our school and is feeling some fear.”


Penny smiled as she sat next to Susie in the seat.

They were both new to school, how great to meet!

They talked as the rode and giggled and shared.

By the time they got to school, neither was scared.


“Thank You, God, for listening to me talk about school.

Talking to you helped me not feel so scared.

Thank You for helping me find a friend.

Thank You for Susie and my new school.”

This week tell God, good morning and share your thoughts with Him! And start your day off right like David did. Draw a picture or write a sentence of how God has helped you or your family.

Afterwards ask your parents to share your picture or sentence as a reply to this blog so that everyone can know that God listens when we talk to Him and that we can look to God for help.

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