Count Your Blessings!

“He shall receive blessings from the Lord, And righteousness from the God of his salvation.” Psalms 24:5

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Wow sunset

A blessing is something that happens in your life that shows God’s favor to you. For example, you are starting at a new school and you are super nervous to meet new people. You had lots of friends at your old school. You get on the school bus on the first day and a girl moves over and offers you the seat next to her. You introduce yourselves and find out that you have a lot in common. You both like soccer and the same books and games. Thank you, God, for the blessing of a new friend in a new school!

Sometimes God’s blessing is something that didn’t happen that we really wanted to happen. It doesn’t seem like a blessing at the time because we wanted it, but later we realize that God was really blessing us. For example, you want to be friends with Jeff because he is the funniest kid at school. But when you go talk to him, he is kind of mean and makes fun of you. He is not your friend. You are sad and mad and disappointed. But later in the year, Jeff and his friends get into big trouble for bullying kids at school. And now you can see that God was protecting you from something (your friendship with Jeff) that would have harmed you. Thank you, God, for the blessing of guidance.

God blesses our lives in lots of ways. Some are so small we may not even realize they come from God, like a beautiful sunset that makes us say, “Wow”. And some are huge and make us believe that God works for good for us, like when your Grandma is sick and gets better when you pray for her. But when we have been blessed by God we need to thank Him. I thank God for each of you! You are a blessing to me!


Counting My Blessings!

1 – for my awesome Mom and my super Dad.

2 – for my baby brother, giggly and glad.

3 – for Buff, my dog, who sleeps by me each night.

4 – for my very best friend, Joey, he’s alright!

5 – for getting the nicest teacher in the school.

6 – for our new neighbors who have a huge pool.

7 – for my grandparents coming to visit us this week.

8 – for finding an orange salamander in our small creek.

9 – for receiving a cool hand-me-down bike from an older friend.

10 – for my list of blessings that will never end!


This week count your blessings! How has God blessed you? Draw a picture or write a story to share one of your blessings. Afterwards ask your parents to share your blessing as a reply to this blog so that everyone can discover God’s blessings.


IMG_1899 (2)

Two of my blessings, RE and Traveler, are glad that you joined us this week to discover God’s blessings!

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