Merry Christmas!

Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem came,

Looking for a room but the answer’s the same.

“No room here, we’re full,” everyone said,

Till one kind innkeeper offered his stable shed.

A blanket and straw made a bed on the ground,

With the animals braying and laying all around.

In that humble abode the world’s Savior was born,

Wrapped in swaddling cloth, nothing more to adorn.

But the angels praised God and lit up the night,

Giving all glory to God in the shepherds’ sight.

The shepherds went to where the child was laid,

The Messiah, the Lord, as they knelt and prayed.

May the amazement and wonder of those shepherds be ours this Christmas and always as we celebrate the gift of the Savior of the world, our Lord Jesus.

God bless you and keep you always close to Him!


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