Shine Compassion Like Jesus

“The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in faithful love.” Psalms 103:8 CSB

The beauty of the Lord in creation is all around just like His compassion for us. Rhododendrens in bloom.

Our verse for today comes from a Psalm written by King David. Remember David from his battle with the giant, Goliath? In this verse, David tells us a few of the special things about the Lord; He is compassionate, gracious, slow to get angry, and has lots of faithful love for us. Today we are going to talk about compassion.

The Lord’s compassion means that when something bad or very sad happens to us that Jesus is not only right there with us, but that He also feels bad or sad with us. He suffers when we suffer and wants us to feel better. Jesus came to earth as a baby and grew up, just like you. He lived in the world, just like you do. He knows what it is like to feel hungry and thirsty. Jesus knows what it is like to feel all of our human emotions – sadness, anger, hurt, happiness, loneliness, surprise, and joy.

Last week our neighbors’ dogs, the mom and dad and four of their nine puppies ran away and got lost. They could not find their way home. Three of the puppies found their way back home, a couple with the help of kind people who found them. But the mom, dad, and one puppy were still missing three days after they had left. How do you think our neighbors felt? 

You’re right. They were very worried and sad and scared that something bad might have happened to them. So, they put up fliers and made calls and put information online. And each morning and evening they went out looking for them. And in their suffering and worry, Jesus was there and was suffering with them. Jesus had compassion for them.

The mom and dad dogs and the one puppy were finally found thanks to people in the community who also had compassion for our neighbors and called when they saw them. And one family even kept them until our neighbors came. Thank You, Jesus! And now they are happy! And, you know what? Jesus is happy with them, too.

When you are hurting, Jesus is hurting with you. Did you ever have a friend who was sad, and you sat with them and hugged them? You were showing compassion for your friend, because you felt sad with them and wanted them to feel better. You shine the compassion that Jesus has for you when you show compassion to others.

This week talk with your parents and remember when they had compassion for you. Talk about when you had compassion for someone. When you are sad or lonely or hurting, remember that Jesus is sad or lonely or hurting with you. Talk to Him and share your suffering, accept His compassion and love. And don’t forget to shine the compassion of Jesus for people who are hurting or sad.

Blessings and joy as you shine the Lord’s compassion!

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