What Makes You Happy?

“Happy are the people with such blessings. Happy are the people whose God is the LORD.” Psalms 144:15 CSB

“Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.” Psalms 146:5 CSB

“Happy is a man who finds wisdom and who acquires understanding.” Proverbs 3:13 CSB

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10 CSB

Everyone knows that this symbol means happy! Where is our true happiness?

Happy is one of those words that is used a lot. When something we like or good happens, we say we’re happy. And when something bad or we don’t like happens, we’re not happy.

Happy means to feel pleased, contented, glad, peaceful, and even joyful. Happiness is a positive emotion or feeling that makes you want to smile!

I want you to think for just a minute and name 5 times when you were happy. What was happening that made you happy? Now I want you to think of a few times when you were unhappy. What was happening that made you unhappy?

When you were happy (or unhappy) was it because of something that happened to you or was happening around you? For example: happy when you got a new bike or unhappy when you got in trouble at school.

Our verses for today tell us that true happiness is not because of what happens to us or around us. True happiness is that good feeling knowing that our God, our Lord is with us. We are happy because we know that God blesses us, gives us hope, helps us and is always with us. That kind of true happiness is always with you.

Even though you will have things in this world that make you happy and unhappy, remember that the true happiness we have in the Lord is always with us, just like God is always with us.

This week, when you are happy, remember to thank the Lord for His blessings. And when you are unhappy about something, remember to thank the Lord for always being by you and giving you the hope and help to get through your trouble. Smile through the troubles. Then thank Him for your true happiness from the Lord.

Blessings and true happiness in the Lord!

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