See God’s Glory in Creation!

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD’s glory, as the water covers the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14 CSB

This pond shines God’s glory in the blue skies, green grass and trees, and sunlight lighting up the trees that reflect in the water surface.

Join me on a walk through God’s wonderful creation. As we walk, let’s look at all of the ways that creation shines His glory. I walk some every day because I have two big dogs who love to walk, too. I always take my phone or my camera to snap a picture of whatever catches my eye, whatever shows God’s glory. These are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy.

On the third day of creation God created the seas and dry land and all types of vegetation.

Rhododendrons grow along the creeks and stay green all year long. God’s design ensures that new leaves grow every year to replace some that are damaged. Can you see where an animal, probably a deer, has eaten parts of the leaves? These are blackberry blooms, sparkling white against the green, promising blackberries to eat in late summer.

After a good rain, toadstools pop up almost everywhere, over night, and there are so many different colors and sizes. Wildflowers love the sunshine, this one is just one stem with lots of tiny flowers on top. Maybe you can pick a few for your mom. Ferns grow in wet, shady places in the forest. This small “pool” of ferns invites you to touch their delicate leaves and enjoy the cool shade with them.

On the fifth day God created sea creatures and birds and on the sixth day God created land animals.

A white-tailed deer visiting our backyard to munch on clover, the underside of her tail is white and she raises it to signal others of danger. A blue heron sometimes stops at our pond to catch a meal. He wades out into the water with long legs and uses his long bill to catch his dinner. This box turtle carries his home on his back, how convenient! He didn’t want his picture taken, you can just see the tip of his nose and his front legs curved to the sides.

This snail also carries his home around with him. He eats some clover and stretches out and then pulls the shell behind him. The bright orange creature is a young newt, you can just see the black spots starting on his back. He will have black rings with a red dot in the middle. Pretty cool design! The last is spider web that looks like a ball up in a mountain laurel, hoping to catch lots of bugs as they fly by.

Two of my favorite creatures can swim really well. RE and Traveler are Labrador Retrievers. They actually have webbed toes and a special coating on their fur to help them in the water. But really, I think they just like to cool off on a hot day. They jump in and swim to fetch a toy and bring it back to do again and again...

This week, take your mom, dad, or some friends and go on a creation walk (Get permission first). Even in the city you can find plants and animals created by God. What do you see that shines the glory of God in His creation? Make a list or take pictures to share the glory of God in creation. Thanks for letting me share my small part of creation with you.

And don’t forget that one of the most amazing of God’s creations is YOU! Look in the mirror, you are wonderfully unique and glorious.

Blessings and joy as you see God and His glory in His creation!


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