The Lord Made the Stars

“He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns midnight into dawn and darkens day into night, who calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land – the Lord is his name.” Amos 5:8 NIV

A full moon rising above the ridge and a shining planet above the treetops. Do you see it?

When our kids were young, we used to head out after dinner sometimes on a clear summer evening. We would find a place we could park that was away from street lights and houses and where the sky was very dark. We would lay in the bed of the pickup truck and look up at the sky. It was a competition to find the first star and make a wish. As more and more stars came out and the sky darkened to black, we tried to pick out constellations, like Orion in our verse.

Looking at all of the stars in the sky, I always think of the Lord, the Creator. He placed each star and planet. He set the sun and the moon. God turns the day into night and puts on a light show unlike any other! I feel close to God when I’m outside on a warm summer evening and take time to watch the stars appear and for the moon to rise. God is with me there and I have joy and peace.

God’s Light Show

I step outside as day fades to night.

I wait and watch for the first star light.

I close my eyes, say a short prayer.

Thank You, God, for being here.

I open my eyes and the stars pop out.

Before I know it, too many to count.

The darkness deepens to velvet black.

The moon rises on its nightly track.

Who designed this light show in a dark frame?

Our God, our Creator, the Lord is His Name!

This week, pick a warm, clear summer evening and take your parents outside with you. Before it gets too dark, find a spot with very few lights around. Get comfortable and look up at the darkening sky. Don’t forget bug spray and place to sit or lay. Can you see the first star? As day darkens into night, see how many you can count. Try to find the big dipper or the little dipper or Orion. Don’t forget as you look at the night sky to thank our Lord for creating the awesome light show for you to enjoy.

Blessings and finding our Lord in the stars!

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