From Generation to Generation

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” Psalms 145:3-4 NIV

My grandmother in her late twenties. She had beautiful blue eyes.

I know that I have shared some of the ways that my grandparents influenced my life, especially my Christian walk. My grandmother was born in 1900 and passed away in 1995. She lived through both World Wars, the flu epidemic, the Depression, hard times and joyous times, love and loss, and walked with the Lord. When she was eighty-nine years old she wrote her autobiography, typed on an old Remington typewriter, in order to share her experiences, wisdom learned, and pass them on to the next generations.

This week I just want to share some of her story with you. She titled her autobiography, “Let Him Have His Way with Thee”, the title of an old hymn about living for and close to Jesus. Her first answered prayer.

Julia soon grew large enough to walk and I was very happy with a little sister to love and play with. I began to think my joy would be complete if I could have a baby brother also. I asked Mother about it and she said, “Why don’t you pray for God to send you a little baby brother.” I began praying and sure enough in July of 1907 my baby brother, Russell, was born.

God answered my prayer and I began to believe that all I had to do was to ask God to send me whatever I wanted. A far fetched idea? Maybe or maybe not. What does our Bible teach about child like faith? Mark 10:16 says, “Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.”

God wants us to have the abundant life but we can have it only if we ask for it and believe that our prayers will be answered.

My grandmother did well in school and became a teacher. She attended many different churches as she taught in different communities over her teaching career. She married my grandfather in July of 1930. The depression. My grandfather worked three different part-time jobs; hauling coal, driving a moving van, and delivering ice, to make ends meet. My grandmother sewed their clothes and grew what food she could. My mom was born in 1933 and my aunt, Mildred, in 1934. Another answered prayer!

This particular night I woke to hear Mildred gasping for breath and called and called Ralph who was sleeping in the back bedroom but could not get him awake. He was simply exhausted from overwork and worry. We had no telephone as we could not afford it. What could I do? I looked at Mildred and her face was almost black. I dropped to my knees beside the bed and started praying for God to heal her and let us keep her. I think this was probably the most sincere prayer I ever uttered. Finally I heard Mildred give a little cough and then a long sigh and she turned over and started breathing and sleeping normally. God still can and does work miracles.

I so appreciate my grandmother recording her story for us. The Lord is great and worthy of praise. My grandmother has commended His works to the next generations. After re-reading her book this month, I have reached out to family members who may not have a copy and offered to send them one. From one generation to the next, we will tell of His greatness and praise His name.

This week, encourage an older member of your family to share a story or share a story of your own with your children or grandchildren. Let’s all praise our Lord and tell of His marvelous deeds.

I thank God for each of you! And I thank you for joining me this week as I get to commend God’s great works to another generation.

Blessings and praise!

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