Less Words, More Meaning!

“The more the words, the less the meaning, and how does that profit anyone?” Ecclesiastes 6:11 NIV

God’s morning light colors the clouds and gives us a beautiful new day!

I like to write. Can you tell? I write this blog every week, but I also write stories for kids. (Though none have been published as books… yet.) But I love to write about our wonderful Creator, our God. This verse is one I have memorized. It’s like a guide for writing. Whenever I write I try to have less words and more meaning.

Come with me as we look at our amazing God!

God gives us…

Love, so we can love others.

Light, to chase away the darkness.

Comfort, so we can comfort others.

Forgiveness, so we can forgive others.

Jesus, so we can be saved.

Strength, so others see God in us.

Hope, so we can be confident of heaven.

Grace, so we can be graceful to others.

Confidence, so we can share Him with others.

His Spirit, so He can live with us

Life, so we can live with Him.

This week write one sentence about our Amazing God. Try to use few words with lots of meaning. Share your sentence with your parents and friends. Maybe they can write one, too.

Blessings and joy with all God gives us!

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