Tell Your Story!

“I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” Psalms 57:9-11

The glory of God over all the earth!

A psalm is simply a song or poem praising God. David (remember David and Goliath) grew up to be king. Even though he had many troubles, he would continue to write songs and poems to praise God. In this psalm, David wrote that he would praise God to all the nations and sing about Him to all the peoples. David shared with everyone all the things that God had helped him with in his life.

Do you like to sing out and praise God? What’s your favorite song to sing in church? God likes for us to share with others all of the wonderful ways He has worked in our lives. When I write this devotional, I am sharing some of my stories about God with you! Remember our dog that God healed, or some of God’s amazing creations, or some of the ways God has blessed me.

My Story

Even before I knew God, He gave me a wonderful family.

Even before He saved me, He gave me the joy of reading.

Even before I accepted Him, He loved me and touched my heart.

Even before I asked Him, He gave me someone to love.

Even before I could imagine, He gave me a son and a daughter.

Even before I understood it, He gave me the desire to write for you!

This week, I am going to ask you to do two things. First, talk to your mom and dad. Talk about all the ways that God and Jesus have worked in your life. Like a great mom and dad. Friends and family. Special skills you have. Even things you love to do. Make a list of all the ways God has blessed you and added to the story of your life. I’m sure your mom and dad count you as one of their blessings from God and a big part of their story!

Second, find a way to share a part of your story with someone else. Look at your list. What do you want to share? Draw a picture, write a story, write a poem or song, or just tell your story. Decide who you want to share it with. Praise God to the nations and among the people. Share all that God has done for you with someone. And maybe that person will want to share their own story and praise one day, too.

Blessings as you share your story! May God’s glory be over all the earth!

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