The Power of Our God!

“For behold, He who forms mountains, And creates the wind, Who declares to man what his thought is, And makes the morning darkness, Who treads the high places of the earth – The Lord God of hosts is His name.” Amos 4:13

Stormy Sunset

I can see the power of our God in a glorious sunset sky!

This verse talks about how powerful our God is! He forms mountains, He creates wind, He knows what you are thinking, He walks the high places of earth. Our God is not only powerful, He is with us today! Where can you see the power of our God?


God has the Power to…

Speak the entire earth into being.

Design your two eyes just for seeing.

Paint orange tigers with blackest stripes.

Grow green leafy trees, all different types.


Send a huge whale deep into the sea.

Scent a spring flower to attract a bee.

Cause the seasons to follow each other.

Gift us with parents, a father and mother.


Outline the orbits of the planets in space.

Assign the twinkling stars their perfect place.

Love you and I much more than we can know.

Plan for our salvation from long, long ago.


This week draw a picture of something that you think shows God’s mighty power. Share it with your parents or friends. All of you together can find even more things that reveal the power of our God.

Blessings to each of you as you discover the awesome power of our God all around you!

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