Shine with Kind Sweetness

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

Hummingbirds love sweet things, too, flower nectar and sugar water in feeders!

Have you ever tasted honey? It is sweet and thick and yummy. It tastes so good it just makes you feel good. Our Bible verse today tells us that kind words are like a honeycomb (which holds all that sweet honey). Our pleasant and kind words can bring sweetness and health to others and make them feel good.

How do you feel when your teacher says, “Great job!”, or when your dad says, “You are awesome!”, or when your friend says, “Please come to my birthday party!”? You can make others feel good when you shine God’s love with your pleasant, kind words!

Choose to Shine!

Your best friend, Danny, accidentally stepped on your foot, and said he was sorry. What do you say?

“Watch where you’re going, stupid, that hurt!”    or

“Ouch! Don’t worry, I know it was an accident.”

Which one shines with kind words and sweetness? Which makes your friend feel better?


Your mom says it’s time to put away your Gameboy and finish your homework. What do you say?

“No, mom, I’m not done playing. I don’t want to. I won’t.”     or

“Ok, mom, it’s away. Can I play again when I finish my homework?”

Which one shines with kind words and sweetness? Which makes your mom feel better?


The new kid in your class is sitting all alone at recess. No one is talking to him. What do you say?

Nothing, because you and your friends are playing something together.   or

“Hey, why don’t you come over and play basketball with us?”

Which one shines with kind words and sweetness? Which makes the new kid feel better?


Did you choose to be kind and sweet like honey? Your words are powerful. They can be kind and sweet and shine God’s love, or they can be hurtful and bitter and make others feel badly. You get to choose what words you will use.

This week when you talk with people, choose to shine with kind sweetness! Let others see God’s love in your words. Talk to your parents about your choice to make others feel good. And don’t forget to choose kind words with your parents and family, too.

Blessings and sweetness!

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