Earth Day in God’s Creation

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Genesis 2:15 NIV


Today is Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated worldwide and looks at environmental problems that face us and our planet such as air and water pollution and endangered species of animals. As humans we haven’t always done a very good job of caring for the earth. But the best reason we have to take care of our earth is that everything, on the earth and all around it, was created by our wonderful and amazing God.

After God created man (and woman) in His own image, He put Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden. He told them to work it and take care of it. God gave us, humans, the huge responsibility of caring for His beautiful and marvelous created world. There are lots of things that we can do, and yes, even children can do to take care of God’s awesome creation.

I want to share some pictures of just a small piece of God’s creation that my family is honored to care for and tend.

A daffodil, planted long ago still blooms, yellow wildflowers fill a grassy yard and a wild violet grows in the woods.


Wisteria, a climbing vine with large purple flowers has taken over these tree tops.

A maple tree’s new leaves are red before they turn green and an umbrella magnolia blooms out. The blooms will become seed pods in the fall that bears and birds love.

Box turtles love to hide when people (or dogs) get too close. But then they love to peek out at you!


Easter Sunrise

Our Easter sunrise yesterday! Our reminder of God’s beautiful created world.

RE and Traveler love to swim and play at the pond. RE and Traveler shaking off after fetching their toys from the water!

This week I want you (with your parents help) to decide on something you can do to help take care of or tend to God’s wonderful created world. You could plant some flowers or vegetables or a tree, you could put up a bird house or feeder, you could pick up trash that is in your playground or park (use gloves and a trash bag), or you can think of something else that you think needs to be done.

Draw a picture or write a story to tell what you did and share it with your friends. Tell them about Earth Day and why we should take care of God’s earth. If you want to share your picture with everyone, ask your parents to send it by Facebook messenger or email so that it can be posted on the Kids Gallery page.

Thanks for taking care of God’s creation! Blessings!

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