God Can Handle Our Doubts

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, As the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14

Stormy Sky 1

Our doubts can be like a storm, but God can handle our doubts and calm the storms.

This is one of my favorite verses. Think how deep the water is that covers the seas. I can imagine the whole earth covered with the shining light of God, everyone is smiling because they know God and see His glory! When that happens, no one will doubt that there is a God. Doubts are when we feel unsure about something or we aren’t certain something is true.

Sometimes we have doubts about whether God is real. After all, we can’t see Him, we don’t hear His voice like Moses did, we can’t touch Him. But we can find God in all that He does for us.

I can see God in a beautiful sunrise full of promise for the day.

I can see God in my dad’s smile as we chase and run and play.

I can see God when I look at a long-necked, long-legged giraffe.

I can see God, at Grandpa’s farm, in a new-born, wobbly, white-faced calf.


I can hear God in the voice in my head that tells me do what I know is right.

I can hear God in my mom’s soft voice as she whispers her prayers for me at night.

I can hear God in the chirps and trills and screeches and coos of all kinds of birds.

I can hear God in the Bible as my parents read to me His promises and words.


I can touch God in the wind that sweeps through the trees, gently brushing my cheek.

I can touch God in the cold, gurgling water that swirls, rushes down our backyard creek.

I can touch God in the bright yellow daffodil petals that bloom in the last winter snow.

I can touch God in delicate green shoots of garden vegetables as they begin to grow.


God provides lots of ways that we can see and hear and touch Him to know He is real. But God doesn’t mind when we have doubts. He listens when we talk to Him about our doubts and helps to strengthen our belief in Him and His Son, Jesus.


This week discover places or things where you can see, hear, or touch God. Share your discoveries with your parents and draw a picture of where you found God.

Afterwards you can ask your parents to share your picture by email or Facebook Messenger so that everyone can learn to find God and ease their doubts. Blessings!

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