Becoming Like Jesus – Self-Control

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.”          Galatians 5:22-23

Blog posts 9-19

This week we are going to talk about the ninth and last “fruit of the spirit” – self-control. Remember that the fruits of the spirit are character traits that help us to become more like Jesus. Self-control is just what it sounds like, we each take control over ourselves – control over our feelings, over our thoughts, over how we act toward others, and over what we say to other people.

We want to become like Jesus because He had self-control over all things. We can’t be perfect like Jesus was, but we can do our best to have self-control so that we treat others like Jesus would. It is not always easy. Sometimes someone might hurt our feelings and we get angry. But with self-control, instead of yelling or saying something mean back to them, we can think first how Jesus might answer.


Having Self-Control Like Jesus

My sister, Jeanie, beat me home from school today.

She ran in and told mom, I had to stay in at play.

I got in trouble for not finishing my homework last night.

I played video games yesterday. OK, not very bright.


I’m mad already because I know I should have done math.

But Jeanie really makes me angry, and I’m on the warpath!

I take a deep breath just outside the door; it’s really my blunder.

It’s not Jeanie I hate, it’s what I did that’s causing me to thunder.


I walk into the kitchen and look at mom, ready for the scolding.

Jeanie looks a little scared, her hands folding and unfolding.

But I’m not as angry as I was at first, I know I was the one in the wrong.

I smile at Jeanie, she hugs me tight and whispers, “Be strong”.


Before mom can even start, I give her a hug and quietly apologize.

I tell her I’ll do better, with more self-control, and really, I’ll try.

What started as trouble and anger and hate and something wrong,

Is now forgiveness, peace, goodness and love and getting along.


Thank You, Jesus, for the calm. Showing me that self-control is smart,

Thank You, for the fruits of the spirit, so that I can have Your heart!



This week, when you are angry or sad or seem “out of control”, remember to try to become like Jesus and show love and goodness and self-control for a better outcome.

We all need to work on self-control, even adults, even parents. Let’s all try together to use all of the fruits of the spirit to treat each other the way God and Jesus want us to. Blessings!


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