God Is in the Storm

“These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”   John 16:33


Last week we had an ice storm. It was freezing cold in the evening after dark and then it started to rain. The cold rain froze as it landed on everything outside, trees, bushes, the house and the truck. The wind was whipping, and small pieces of ice and sleet hit the windows and rattled down the roof. The storm was kind of scary. I said a short prayer to God, I thanked him for our strong house and asked Him to keep us safe. And because I know that God was with me in the storm, I wasn’t afraid.

The next morning when we got up and looked outside it was like a different world. The ice coated the trees and grass and mountain laurels; the roof was ice-covered with icicles hanging down. The weight of the ice on the trees had pulled several trees over, the dirt and roots were lifted up out of the ground. And lots of big branches and tops of trees had broken off and crashed to the ground. Our driveway was blocked, but nothing landed on the house or the truck! God was with us in the storm!

In the Bible verse for today Jesus promises us that we will have trouble in this life. Things will not always be easy. We will have problems (or storms) in our lives. But He also promises that He will be with us, in the good times and in the storms. God is in the storm.

                                                The Ice Storm

The rain froze on everything and the wind swirled in the icy storm.  Roof ice

But God was in the storm with comfort and our home stayed warm.


The heavy trees bowed and crashed, the iced branches fell.    Bowed trees

But God was in the storm with protection and our house is well.


The fallen trees came down and blocked our gravel driveway.    Pine tree 2

But God was in the storm with strength and we cut them away.


The dark came, the wind blew hard and trees cracked in the night.    Busted tree 2

But God was in the storm with love as our firewood burned bright.


The morning came cold and the ice still hung in the tops of trees.  Sparkle Ice

But God was in the storm with beauty, a sunrise dazzles the freeze.


This week talk with your parents about a trouble or storm you are having. How is God in your storm? With love or comfort or strength or beauty or protection or wisdom?

Thank you for sharing your storms with your parents. When we know God is in our storms, they don’t seem so big or scary.

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