Blooming in a Thorny World

“Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all you do be done with love.” I Corinthians 16:13-14


This week the Rhododendrons are in bloom. One picture shows the buds a week ago. The other small picture is of the flowers just opening and the large one is in full bloom. Beautiful! They inspired me to talk about our verse in terms of blooming! Read on!

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that we will have troubles in this world. Everyone has troubles that they deal with each day; parents, teachers, children, friends. Some troubles may be difficult or even hurtful like thorns. What kind of troubles do you have? Do you have lots of chores? Is homework too hard? Are you worried about making friends in school? Does someone tease you? In today’s verse, God gives us ways to handle our troubles and He is always there to help us when we ask. God wants each of us to be a beautiful bloom even in our troubled and thorny world.

Come meet my friend, Max. Max has a “thorny” problem.  

Max and his best friend Millie are both in Mrs. Edward’s class at the elementary school. They ride the same bus, #354, to school every day. Millie gets on first and saves the seat next to her for Max. They talk about their dogs and baby brothers and super heroes and music class and recess.

But one day Max gets on the bus and a red-haired girl is sitting in his seat and talking to Millie! Millie waves to Max as he takes a seat further back in the bus. Max is steamed. He’s mad. He has a big problem. His best friend didn’t save his seat. She’s not his friend anymore!

Let’s see how the verse above can help Max can handle this trouble.

Watch. Max takes a deep breath and looks at his problem. Who is the new girl? Why would Millie let her sit there? Maybe there is a reason why she’s there? He can’t talk to Millie until they get to school, but he’s not quite as mad, because maybe Millie has a reason for not sitting with him.

Stand fast in the faith. Max says a short prayer to God in his head. “Dear God, help me to handle this problem with Millie and the new girl. And to not be so mad. Thank You, God.” Max asks God to help him because he believes God’s promise that God cares for us and helps us.

Be brave. Max is afraid to talk to Millie. What if she has a new best friend? What if he is left out? But because God is with Max, and gives him courage, Max decides to talk to Millie when they get to class.

Be strong. Max doesn’t want to cry. What if Millie and he aren’t friends anymore? What will he do? But God is still with Max and God will give Max the strength he needs to handle this problem.

Let all you do be done with love. This is the most important part! Max remembers that God loves him. But God also loves Millie and the new girl, too. Max has to be kind and loving to Millie even if he is mad at her for not saving his seat.

Max softly says, “Hey, Millie. Who was the new girl you were sitting with on the bus?”

“Her name is Sally. Her family moved in next door to us over the weekend. Her mom came over to my house this morning and asked if I would ride with her on the bus and walk her to class. She was scared to come by herself. Sally is in Mrs. Wilson’s class,” explained Millie.

“That was very nice of you, Millie. I’m glad you are my friend, too!” Max’s face “bloomed” with joy as he walked with Millie to their desks. Max is glad he asked for God’s help and didn’t just yell at Millie because he was mad. Then he would have had a really thorny problem!

This week, try to use the Bible verse to help you with a “thorny” problem. Your parents can help you with each of the steps.  And you can be a beautiful bloom for God in this thorny world.

If you want to share (with pictures or words) how God helped you with your “thorny” problem, ask your parents to post it as a reply to this blog. And you can help others to bloom!



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