Be Careful What You Say

“Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23 NKJV

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God wants us to be careful when we talk to other people. Our words are powerful because they can affect how other people think about themselves. Our words can be kind and helpful or they can be mean and hurtful. Has anyone ever said something that hurt your feelings? How did it make you feel? The verse above tells us to guard our mouth and tongue. Just like a real guard who watches over something valuable; you have to watch the words that come out of your mouth.


Wilda was a lover of wise and wondrous words.

They leave your mouth and take flight like flitting birds!

Wilda chooses her words oh so carefully,

She doesn’t want her words to hurt or bully.


Wilda tells her friend, “You’re beautiful and bright!”

She tells her neighbor, “Your garden is a colorful delight.”

Wilda tells her brother, “Wyatt, I love your sunny smile.”

She tells both her parents, “Thanks for reading to me awhile.”


But Wilda does her most impressive “word work”,

When answering a friend who sometimes acts a jerk!

Wilda will grin and say, “I’m so sorry you are mad.”

She says, “Words are amazing and I won’t use any bad!”


Wilda looks to her friend and says, “God loves you.”

Wilda smiles and giggles and says, “I do, too!”

Wilda waits and her friend just smiles and sighs,

And he says, “Wilda, you’re better than French fries!”


Wilda and her friend just snicker and bear hug.

Wilda loves her words to be as happy as a lightening bug!

She’s made quite a change in his once stormy attitude.

Wilda has used her wondrous words to cheer his surly mood!


God wants us to use our words to give love and joy and happiness to others, because that is what God would do!


This week, think of your words before you say them and try to change someone’s day from sad to happy. Use your “wondrous words” to cheer someone up. They will feel better and so will you!

Afterwards, ask your parents to post your “wondrous words” as a reply to this blog so that everyone can learn to be careful with what they say and make a change in people’s lives.

IMG_1899 (2)

RE and Traveler like bones, but they agree that “wondrous words” are better! Share your words with RE and Traveler and then check out the Kids Gallery page for your wondrous words.

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