God Helps Us Not to Worry

“He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Psalms 112:7

Sunrise after Storm

A beautiful and welcome sunrise after a very stormy night!

Sometimes we worry about things or fear things that might happen. But this Bible verse tells us that if we know and believe God, we don’t have to worry because we can trust God to help us. You might be afraid of the dark, because you can’t see what’s there. But God can. You might worry about what teacher you will get this year. But God knows. You might worry that your mom or dad will get sick. But God is with you. God works out all things for our good. In the Bible it says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God”.


Worried Wes and Fearful Fern

Wes was worried most all the time.

He worried about his parents and being alone at bedtime.

Wes worried that his teacher might not like him.

He worried about his reading and what they might play in the gym.


Fern was fearful and full of fright.

She feared the dark, was something under her bed that might bite?

Fern was fearful that her sister might get sick.

She feared that Franny might have to go to the hospital really quick!

Wes and Fern made a friends pact.

They decided that they were tired of worry and fear, in fact.

They asked God to help erase the feelings,

They were tired of worry and fear and its dreadful dealings.

Wes and Fern came up with a simple prayer.

“Thank you, God, for keeping me safe and Your love and care.

Take away my worry and my fear.

Please give me peace and joy and to me be near.”

And every time that Wes was worried,

Or Fern was frightened and her heart was hurried,

Each stopped to pray their silent prayer,

And God gave peace and joy to the happy pair.


This week try to think of one thing you are worried about or afraid of and ask God and your parents for help. Some things we should be wary of in order to protect ourselves. But if we are fearful or worried even when our parents say we don’t need to be, then we can ask for help to not be afraid or worried. Both God and our parents want us to be happy.

Draw a picture or write a sentence of what fear or worry you have given to God to handle so you don’t have to worry. Afterwards, ask your parents to post your work as a reply to this blog so that you can help others to not be afraid or worried.

Traveler and RE say, “Then check out the Kids Gallery page for your work!”


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