Love Each Other

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7

Blog Post 17

In the Bible we are told to love each other because love is from God. We love our parents and our sisters and brothers. We love our grandparents and other family members. We love our friends. It is easy to love the people who love us. In Matthew, Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. That means God wants us to show love (and kindness and respect, because they go with love) to the other people in our lives.

Sometimes this is hard, because not everyone is nice to us or shows us love. But with God’s help we can show His love to others. And the cool thing is when you are kind; people want to be kind back to you.

The Mean Teacher

It’s the first day of third grade and I walk toward class.

It’s terrible, awful; I got the mean teacher, Miss Crabgrass!

I’ve heard all the stories, she frowns and screams,

She piles on the work and smashes daydreams!


My mom tells me not to listen to scary tales like those,

I just have to be friendly and kind and see how it goes.

My dad says that God loves my teacher and so should I.

At the classroom door, I paste on a smile, I could try!


I look at Miss Crabgrass who’s now smiling so grand!

She welcomes me to class and shakes my hand.

Wow, maybe mom and dad have shown me the way,

To make third grade better, I think I might stay.


Love and kindness and respect are this year’s advice.

And I’m going to believe that Miss Crabgrass is nice!

Who else can I show God’s love to this year?

Hmm…maybe the lunch lady that all the kids fear!


This week try to show love, kindness and respect to someone that may be hard to love and see if you can change their day! Draw a picture of how you can show love  or write a kind note to someone.

Afterwards ask your parents to share your picture or note as a reply to this blog (or by email) so that everyone can learn to show God’s love.

Also check out the new “Kids Gallery” page where your pictures and notes would be posted!


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