Go Outside and Find God

“How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number – living things both large and small.” Psalms 104: 24 – 25 NIV

View from mountain top 1

God created the whole natural world! He made the sky and the land and the seas. He made the sun and the moon. He made the birds and the plants and the trees. He made all the animals on earth and in the oceans and He made us! God is so amazing and designed the whole world.

Did you ever just lie on your back and look at clouds? Or examine a fall leaf with its color and pattern? Or just look at the ocean and wonder about all the creatures that are in it? Did you ever climb a mountain or hike in a canyon? When we take time to be outside and really look at God’s creation, we can feel closer to God. We can find God in all of the wonderful parts of the world He has formed.

unnamedI can find God in the enormous, blue sky,

Filled with puffy clouds, fresh air, and things that fly.

Trees stretch high to touch the sky and reach the light.

Breezes move through the air and lift up my kite!

I flop on my back in the earth’s cool, green grass,

And see animal shapes in the clouds as they pass.


155I can find God in the creatures of the sea and air,

All beautifully made to thrive here and everywhere.

Woodpeckers hammering on trees, hawks soaring high,

Robins and sparrows pecking the ground for seeds to try.

   From blue whales to minnows and all the fish in   between,

Swimming in seas, lakes and streams, lively and keen.


IMG_1899 (2)I can find God in all the different animals around,

My dogs and cats, and wild ones walking the ground.

And I can always find God in my Mom and Dad,

As humans we’re made in God’s image and glad!

We can say thank you to God and sing His praises,

  For all of His creation, for all of our days!


Go outside this week with your family and look at God’s work. Then see if you can find God in His created world! Draw a picture or use a camera and take a photograph of where you found God.


Afterwards, ask your parents to share your picture or photo as a reply to this blog so everyone can find God in His created world!


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