God’s Gift of Forgiveness

“And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32 NKJV


One of God’s best gifts is forgiveness when we do something wrong. To forgive means to decide not to be angry at someone for something bad they have done to you. If we have done something we know was wrong, and ask God to forgive us, He will. This means that God will not be angry at us for what we did and He will even forget that we did it! But He does expect us to try to do better.

Did you ever tell a lie to your parents, or say something mean to someone at school, or take something that wasn’t yours? God will forgive us when we ask Him. This is a wonderful gift that makes us feel special and loved!

But just as God forgives us, He expects us to forgive others. Did anyone say something mean to you when they were upset or had a really bad day? And then it made you angry? And you just wanted to be mean back? Me, too. But God wants us to forgive them just like He forgives us. Forgiving someone is a brave choice you can make. You can forgive them in your heart and not be mad at them anymore. Tell them you love them and make them smile!

Cindy has been my bestie since we were three years old!

Our dreams, our feelings, our secrets, all of them we’ve told.

But today on the bus, Cindy stomped right on past me!

No hi, no smile, not even a glance did I see.


Ouch! Well I can be angry too; if that’s the way she wants to be!

I don’t need her if she’s going to ignore her best friend, me!

But I think, as I stew…and the anger seeps out.

Her parents have been arguing, maybe that’s what this is about.


So I go to the back of the bus and sit down by her quietly,

I wait a moment, then forgiveness, and a smile for my bestie.

She’s angry and sad, but grabs my hand tightly.

“Thanks,” she whispers as we comfort each other silently.


We could have stayed hurt and angry, no longer friends,

But forgiveness changed that and we’ve made amends!

So besties we are and always will be!

Forgiveness makes friendship lasting and happy!


Today, write a sentence about a time when God or someone forgave you or when you forgave someone else. How did it make you feel? How do you think they felt? You can ask your mom or dad to help you write the sentence!

Afterwards, ask your parents to share your sentence as a reply to this blog so everyone can learn to forgive!

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